Day of the Dead Supper, 31st October 2014

Inspired by our Mexican partner Paûla Zarate (one-fourth of The Ethicurean), we have drawn together an evening of transcendent excellence to commemorate, with fine food, the deaths of friends and family. There shall be a Mexican supper for all to enjoy. We have written a cocktail list for the occasion and will be mulling a Mole spiced cider.

We welcome you all to bring photos and messages for your loved ones and friends who have died. We will have bright altars (Ofrenda) to remember them and we will eat and drink to their memories. Please dress up in your finest Dia de los Muertos outfits, here is a little Pinterest Inspiration


Blue corn nachos, lacto fermented English chili, sour cream, coriander & guacamole.


Pork al Pastor. Annatto braised pork, corn tortilla, coriander, avocado, caramelised pineapple, habanero & lime ferment.



Huitlacoche. ‘Corn Smut’ fungi, corn tortilla, coriander, avocado, caramelised pineapple, habanero & lime ferment. (v)


Pheasant Mole [mol-ay]. Steamed rice, onion, sesame & flour tortillas.


Wild Mushroom Mole [mol-ay]. Steamed rice, onion, sesame & flour tortillas.


Pudding Pan de muertos. Fennel & orange glazed bone bread with Mexican chocolate & chipotle chili sauce.

Supper is £36 per person and a deposit of £10 will be taken per head. Please call 01934 863 713 or email us at Booking is essential. 

The Ethicurean

A Wild Ferment Masterclass

We founded The Ethicurean on the idea of ‘a sense of place’, taking inspiration from our native surroundings, the history, culture and community who grow food on it. We are fascinated by the culture of our local area and the wild pro-biotic cultures that live upon all of the produce we grow and eat. Our Wild Ferment masterclass provides an in-depth hands on opportunity to learn the processes we use in our restaurant kitchen. The techniques we use are ancient.

‘In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy’ – William Blake.

Class One: Understanding Fermented Foods. 7-10pm Thursday 2nd & 23rd October. £80 per guest.

In this course, learn, explore, make and taste foods which have been preserved by the process of fermentation. Our head chef and cookery school tutor will explain why so many of our favourite foods are produced in this way and the key techniques to doing this at home. Come and discover how simple it is to make nutritious, pro biotic food for you and your family.

The class outlined-

- What is fermentation?

-Fermented vegetable slaw making tutorial.

-Brine fermentation.

-Making Kvass & pro biotic drinks.

-Kefir Milk demonstration.

Each masterclass attendee will take home their very own air-locked Kilner Jar (worth £15) containing a kilo of freshly fermenting vegetable slaw.The evening ends with a relaxed and seasonal fermented supper, with the opportunity for further discussion and questions.

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The Ethicurean Talk Vermouth at Imbibe Live

On Wednesday 2nd July Jack Adair Bevan will join a panel of Vermouth experts at Imbibe Live at Olympia Grand Hall, an exhibition of producers with seminars and lectures by experts from across the drinks world. On the panel there will be Edward Scothern (Mele e Pere), Stefano Cossio (Bassoon Bar, Corinthia Hotel) and Ally Martin (Talented Mr Fox). Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller will be chairing, the authors of our favourite book on the subject The Mixellany Guide to Vermouths & other Apéritifs.  

If you are at the event please come and say hello and be sure to join us for the talk at 2pm in the Taste Zone on Wednesday 2nd July.

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A Vermouth Masterclass

We founded The Ethicurean on the idea of ‘a sense of place’, taking inspiration from our native surroundings, the history, culture and community who grow food on it. We have always loved the vast array of Vermouths available but set out to make our own using wine from Somerset and herbs grown in our walled garden. Our masterclass will take the student through a history of this wonderful drink and the process behind how we make and how you can make it at home. We think Vermouth deserves to be the next big thing, honestly.

8-10pm. Thursday 2nd October and Thursday 23rd October. £45 per guest.

Outline for the session-

-A tour of the garden, The Ethicurean drinks in context.

-What is Vermouth?

-What is available on the market?

-The Ethicurean Vermouth.

-DIY at home.

We will offer food pairings with the two Vermouths served. The evening ends with a relaxed and seasonal fermented supper (courtesy of the corresponding masterclass), with the opportunity for further discussion and questions. Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 14.06.28

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 14.06.46

Jack Negroni-558

Vermouth Masterclass at Wilderness Festival 2014

The Ethicurean are delighted to announce that resident mixologist Jack Adair Bevan will be at The Wilderness Cookery School, at the festival of the same name, taking place at Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire.

He will be taking The Ethicurean’s ethos to Wilderness this year with a Vermouth Masterclass where guests will explore the history of Vermouth and how to make it using ingredients that grow in their garden and in the wilderness around them.

For more information and to purchase tickets click HERE


For those of you who won’t be at Wilderness this year we will be releasing a limited number of masterclass dates here at The Ethicurean. In the meantime our book provides some thoughtful reading on how to make Vermouth and is available at all good bookshops.

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Somersault Festival- 17th-21st July, 2014

We are very pleased to announce that we will be headlining at the first series of Long Table Feasts at this year’s Somersault festival. The five day festival champions music, adventures and outdoor living at Castle Hill in North Devon.

The festivities start on Thursday 17th July and ends on Monday 21st July, with The Ethicurean team cooking lunch and dinner on the Sunday.

Tickets can be purchased HERE.

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