The Full Vegetarian Feast. Tuesday evenings at The Ethicurean and a big win?

Good Tide!

Spring is springing and we can sense the expectant glimmer of new growth in the garden. National Vegetarian week launches on the 16th of May and It’s an eagerly anticipated time coming to the end of the hungry gap.

To celebrate we shall be championing a weekly evening dedicated to the verdant times ahead. With the full emphasis on the humble vegetable, vegetarians, those both full and part time, are invited to enjoy our five course evening feast. To those with even stricter dietary requirements, you are always catered to, let us know upon booking.

We shall launch our first night on Tuesday 17th May. Usual phone number for bookings 01934 863 713 or through our website.

Here’s that epic opportunity for a win.. The Ethicurean and Canopy and Stars have a competition running to win a stay in a local tree house plus a full slap up dinner and some booze at ours. Details here. Good Luck
Toodle Pip.


Credit Photo: Paul Winch-Furness /

Credit Photo: Paul Winch-Furness /




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