Comedy Night Featuring Stuart Goldsmith & Amy Howerska Tue 7th June

Good Tide!

Get your chortling pants ready, make sure they are stretchy and shored up at the seams because on Tuesday 7th June we shall be welcoming guffaw inducing professionals Stuart Goldsmith & Amy Howerska to host a night of comedy while we stuff you with the best burger and pudding (if you have room) on this side of Slough.

Stuart sparkles with the effortless charisma and quick-fire timing he honed over a misspent youth as a street-performer.

Nowadays he is internationally recognised for original, striking stand-up comedy; his last three solo shows making him an “expert standup” (Sunday Times), and a “consistent fringe must-see” (Broadway Baby).

“A supremely talented stand-up, with a wonderfully funny view of the world and an effortless charm” Time Out

Amy Howerska is a Comedian, Actress and Writer. She is also a Polish Irish Catholic Jew, born and raised in Wales. A diversity box ticking wet dream (she is also heavily persecuted). When Amy was growing up she used to watch all those count down list programmes on Channel 4 and 5, you know the ones, ’50 Greatest Celebrity Hand Jobs’ and she’d think ‘who are these dickheads?’ Now she is one of those dickheads.

Her TV credits include “The 50 Funniest Moments of 2013” (Channel 4), “The Greatest Christmas Films 2014” (Channel 5) and “The 40 Greatest Action Movies Of All Time” (Channel 5).

Tickets are £25 and include our legendary burger. Puddings optional. 19:00 arrival for show at 19:30 Full bar & cocktail list of dreams.

We look forward to welcoming you, click on their faces if you want more info.

Toodle Pip.

Stuart Goldsmith



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