Yealands Wine Estate Dinner & 2017 Wassail

Good Tide!

On the last day of November we shall be hosting a Five course Feast evening paired with wines from New Zealand’s ‘Yealands Estate’ and Enotria and Coe Wine cellars. This inspiring winery was certified carbon negative from its inception, meaning that their wines reach our tables here, despite a long sea voyage, still carbon negative! Their approach to wine making and sustainability is world leading. We’ve long featured their wines on our list for good reason, beautifully balanced and in tune with nature.

Most excitingly though, Helen MacFarlane will be hosting the event and talking about some of the ways this winery has achieved such phenomenal flavour in its wines while pioneering the development of the sustainable viticulture movement.

Personally we were tickled to hear about the flock of 8000 baby doll sheep, chosen by breed, whom take care of the grass mowing while not quite being tall enough enough to nibble at the grapes. Brilliant.

Helen will be introducing her wines and our kitchen team will be doing their darnedest to pair dishes with the best of autumn’s produce.

Tickets for early bird booking £50 per head including five courses and wine flight.
Tasty Wassail Tales With Story teller Martin Maudsley

Last year’s wassail was the best to date. We can’t get over how much raucous frivolity ensued with Martin’s story telling tickling certain guests right on the button. That spread like wildfire across the room.

We shall be hosting a Four Course Apple’y inspired Feast with stories and music between each course. Then it’s out to the orchard to ward off the evil spirits and to encourage a bountiful crop for the coming year. Banging of saucepans, Wassail Kings & Queens, falling out of trees etc.

Legend has it that there’s fire involved, you’ll just have to come along to see if it’s true.

Two nights available, sold out for six years in a row.

Friday the 13th & Saturday 14th January 2017.

Tickets purchased before November 30th Early Bird Discount £50 per head. £60 thereafter. Advance tickets only on 01934 863713.


We’ve moved booking platforms to ResDiary or via our shiny new webbidyting. Our cookbook is now available for worldwide delivery.

Toodle Pip.


Comedy Night Featuring Stuart Goldsmith & Amy Howerska Tue 7th June

Good Tide!

Get your chortling pants ready, make sure they are stretchy and shored up at the seams because on Tuesday 7th June we shall be welcoming guffaw inducing professionals Stuart Goldsmith & Amy Howerska to host a night of comedy while we stuff you with the best burger and pudding (if you have room) on this side of Slough.

Stuart sparkles with the effortless charisma and quick-fire timing he honed over a misspent youth as a street-performer.

Nowadays he is internationally recognised for original, striking stand-up comedy; his last three solo shows making him an “expert standup” (Sunday Times), and a “consistent fringe must-see” (Broadway Baby).

“A supremely talented stand-up, with a wonderfully funny view of the world and an effortless charm” Time Out

Amy Howerska is a Comedian, Actress and Writer. She is also a Polish Irish Catholic Jew, born and raised in Wales. A diversity box ticking wet dream (she is also heavily persecuted). When Amy was growing up she used to watch all those count down list programmes on Channel 4 and 5, you know the ones, ’50 Greatest Celebrity Hand Jobs’ and she’d think ‘who are these dickheads?’ Now she is one of those dickheads.

Her TV credits include “The 50 Funniest Moments of 2013” (Channel 4), “The Greatest Christmas Films 2014” (Channel 5) and “The 40 Greatest Action Movies Of All Time” (Channel 5).

Tickets are £25 and include our legendary burger. Puddings optional. 19:00 arrival for show at 19:30 Full bar & cocktail list of dreams.

We look forward to welcoming you, click on their faces if you want more info.

Toodle Pip.

Stuart Goldsmith


The Full Vegetarian Feast. Tuesday evenings at The Ethicurean and a big win?

Good Tide!

Spring is springing and we can sense the expectant glimmer of new growth in the garden. National Vegetarian week launches on the 16th of May and It’s an eagerly anticipated time coming to the end of the hungry gap.

To celebrate we shall be championing a weekly evening dedicated to the verdant times ahead. With the full emphasis on the humble vegetable, vegetarians, those both full and part time, are invited to enjoy our five course evening feast. To those with even stricter dietary requirements, you are always catered to, let us know upon booking.

We shall launch our first night on Tuesday 17th May. Usual phone number for bookings 01934 863 713 or through our website.

Here’s that epic opportunity for a win.. The Ethicurean and Canopy and Stars have a competition running to win a stay in a local tree house plus a full slap up dinner and some booze at ours. Details here. Good Luck
Toodle Pip.


Credit Photo: Paul Winch-Furness /

Credit Photo: Paul Winch-Furness /



St George Tasty Tales with Martin Maudsley 22nd & 23rd April


Good Tide!

Once upon a time, when it was long, long ago, there was a good king in Capadocia, and he had a little daughter, Sabra, and he loved her a lot because Sabra was sweet, intelligent and kind.

But one day a terrible dragon came to his kingdom! It was really big, he breathed fire and he was always hungry.

Well, let’s quell that hunger with a St George’s Day Feast revelling in tales and music! Once again Martin Maudsley, captivating fiddler Fiona Barrow & Cellist Ailsa Mair Hughes are confirmed to tell Dragon tales and invite magical music between four courses of an English inspired Full Feast Menu.

Food, tales, suspense, St George blessing, music & laughter.

-With a bit o’ beer obviously.

Martin Maudsley’s storytelling is masterful – engaging, witty and suitably scary.”

Anyone who was fortunate enough to catch Martin & Fiona’s rendition of Peter and the Wolf at the Tobacco Factory Theatre, or has had the chance to eat lovingly crafted food and be immersed in story at the enchanting St Werburghs City Farm Cafe Tasty Tales will no doubt share in our excitement too. The response to this years  Wassail hosted by Martin was exceptional. We all had such a laugh blessing the orchard, many a comedy moment indeed.

Ailsa Mair Hughes is an innovative cellist, singer, composer and improviser. Ailsa is passionate about using music as a way of connecting people with each other and with nature, so she’ll fit right in here. Not to be missed.

Martin will be accompanied by Fiona on Friday and by Alisa on Saturday night. Each pair will host our Tasty St George Tales evening then guide us into the garden to see off any persistent Dragons…


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 15.56.36

Tickets in advance only on 01934 863 713 All dietary requests catered to.

We are intrigued as to how many guests show up as Dragons?

Legend has it that this happened once before…



Tasty Wassail Tales. Martin Maudsley the story teller & Fiona Barrow the Fiddler. 15 & 16 Jan 2016



Good Tide!

We are all squirming around with excitement trying to type up plans and organise checklists for this coming orchard blessing Wassail. Not an easy thing to do when you have the story telling legend Martin Maudsley & captivating fiddler Fiona Barrow confirmed to tell Wassail tales and invite magical music between four courses of an apple inspired Full Feast Menu.

Food, tales, suspense, orchard blessing, music & laughter.

-With a bit o’ cider obviously.

Martin Maudsley’s storytelling is masterful – engaging, witty and suitably scary.”

Anyone who was fortunate enough to catch Martin & Fiona’s rendition of Peter and the Wolf at the Tobacco Factory Theatre, or has had the chance to eat lovingly crafted food and be immersed in story at the enchanting St Werburghs City Farm Cafe Tasty Tales will no doubt share in our excitement too.

This pair will host our Tasty Wassail Tales evening then guide us by flaming torch to our orchard where we will once again, meet the Green Man, the Robin Guardian and bless the coming crop by shooting toast out of the Wassail tree with a shotgun.

Yes it sounds peculiar, that we know, but our next years crop of apples depends on it so show up and get used to it.

Tickets are £50 per guest and the menu is a cracker this year.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 15.51.31


Oh yay, in other exiting news Marina O’Laughlin off of The Guardian food reviewing fame just put us down as her 2nd Favourite restaurant in the UK of all time! We’ve ne’er been so happy to come second. Congratulations to The Sportsman In Kent and all the fine Bristol places representing. Birch, Bell’s Diner and Bar Rooms.

Tickets are advance only. 01934 863 713 15th & 16th January 18:30 Prompt.

We can not wait to see you all again.

Toodle Pip Wassailers


Dia de Los Muertos. Mexican Day of the Dead at The Ethicurean. 31st October


Inspired by our Mexican co-owner Paûla Zarate, we have drawn together an authentic Latin American evening of transcendent excellence to commemorate, with fine food, friends and family past. There shall be a Mexican banquet for all to enjoy. We have written a cocktail list, think Micheladas and Blue Agave spirits, for the occasion and will be mulling a Mole spiced cider.

We welcome you all to bring photos and messages for your loved ones and friends who have passed. We will have bright altars (Ofrenda) to remember them and we will eat and drink to their happy memories.

Please feel free to dress up in your finest Dia de los Muertos outfits and go to town on the face paints. Here is a little Pinterest Inspiration

Tickets in advance only. £40 per head. 01934 863 713 19:00 Drinks & Banquet 20:00

We look forward to celebrating with you.


Dia de Los Muertos


Full Feast Cocktail Dinner Friday 23rd & Sat 24th October. Bristol Cocktail Week.

Good tide revellers.

Bristol Cocktail Week is fast approaching and in celebration we are hosting a four course feast with paired drinks flight. Our heady libations, in house crafted fermentations have garnered some terrific feedback and awards over the past few years so to celebrate we’ve a cunning plan for this night..

As many of you know, we are out in the wilds a little, rounding up a designated driver can be a stretch for most so we are providing a free return coach from Bristol for the first twenty cocktail fanatics to book with us.

For everyone else who manages to round up a ‘des’ there’s a free arrival drink to kick off the evening. We’ve been wild fermenting Kombucha and crafting a curiously spicy mulled cider to enjoy fireside before dinner.

Four courses for £35 per head. We’ve a dedicated vegetarian menu too. Drink flight £25. Free arrival drink and transport for the first twenty to book. Advanced tickets at £35 per head on 01934 863 713.

That’s likely to fill up quick then..

Toodle Pip


Pour this over sticky toffee apple cake & clotted cream ice cream…



Portuguese Wine Feast at The Ethicurean 30th September. 7pm

On Wednesday the inimitable and pioneering Dorina Lindemann will be welcomed to The Ethicurean restaurant to showcase wines from Portugal’s most forward thinking wineries. Quinta da Plansel was started over a decade ago by an all female team. Come and hear about their commitment to indigenous Portuguese grape strains while feasting on matched dishes from our innovative kitchen crew.

Five courses and matched wines for £40 per head. That’s likely to fill up quick then. 01934 863 713

Dorina is a true inspiration and we feel like the Crown Prince Squash of cool to have her in attendance. What an evening we are set for.

Comedy Night At The Ethicurean! Plus our Full Feast Evenings.

Why does food have to be sh*t* at comedy nights? -Amy ‘potty mouth’ Howerska.

This ones a bit of an experiment to be honest. But lovely comedy and lovely food shall be rustled effortlessly up on Wednesday 17th June 2015. 6.45pm at The Ethicurean.

Tickets £22 to include comedy acts & our legendary Burger. (optional half time puddings too).

Your host Cerys Nelms will introduce Amy Howerksa, a Polish Irish Catholic Jew, born and raised in Wales. A diversity box ticking wet dream (she is also heavily persecuted) and Headline act Mr Nick Doody who has been performing comedy since the 90s when, as a student, he got off to a pretty good start by supporting the legendary Bill Hicks, at Bill’s request.

Fill your laughing tanks with a Hereford Simmental cross beef burger, Oggleshield cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, shiitake mushroom ketchup & brioche bun with Slaw ferment & roast garlic mayo to dip your chips in.

If you’ve still room in the interval there’s the optional extra of one of our splendid puddings. (Orders taken in advance).

Smash some cocktails if you must:
The Gardeners Old Fashioned. Hotter than Don Draper. Winner of the Young British Foodie of the Year 2013.

Burnt oak, 3 Year Somerset Cider Brandy, Bitters, toffee apple cake syrup, Vanilla tincture, Chipotle tincture.

Join us for this experiment, if it works, we shall certainly be booking more comedy.


NickHeadStaring amy_howerska-christine_hayter01









The Full Feast Evenings. Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday Nights.

In celebration of our bounteous walled garden and the wild land that surrounds us we have started our Full Feast Evenings.

Join us for a set menu of five courses, of the best our garden has to offer. Rejoice in the beautiful views, excellent drinks list & relaxed but attentive service.

All dietary requirements catered to within the booking process. 01934 863 713

Bookatable on-line Here.

Thanks to Bookends & Bin Ends Blog and their recent review of our restaurant.


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