Now Open Tuesday & Wednesday Evenings Too!

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Good tide all.

We are pleased to announce that we have a couple of new nights on the cards. Mid-week evening openings for pre dinner cocktails, music and excellent food. To celebrate our local support, Tuesday nights we are launching a burger night and every Wednesday will be The Ethicurean Rarebit & cider sessions. Welcome to all we say, sociable, low key and laughs a plenty.

So, on to the Burger Night. We haven’t gone completely crazy, we just wanted to make a burger that would put Tuesday night on the map, given that as far as we know, there isn’t a Mendip venue that has perfected this classic. Our kitchen team have risen to the challenge and been in full development for this one. From all the positive sounds coming from the taste tests we’ve heard of late it would appear that their attention to detail has produced a burger well worth a detour, or well worth ambling up the lane to get at. Our cocktail pairings (Imbibe 2015 UK Cocktail Innovator) will of course elevate this night to tidily exuberance. Enjoy all of this in front of our roaring log burner.

Hereford Simmental cross beef burger, Welsh Rarebit cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, shiitake mushroom ketchup & brioche bun. Sides of slaw ferment and a roast garlic mayo to dip your chips in.

The Gardeners Old Fashioned. Hotter than Don Draper. Winner of the Young British Foodie of the Year 2013.

Burnt oak, 3 Year Somerset Cider Brandy, Bitters, toffee apple cake syrup, Vanilla tincture, Chipotle tincture.

Wednesday Rabbit & Cider Sessions.

To celebrate our first year of cider production, Wednesdays will be offer night. Our legendary Welsh rarebit and a pint of our own cider for not very many pennies. Alongside our rough scrumpy we’ve also produced an elegant sparkling ‘keeved’ cider that were itching for feedback on. Our pudding menu will be as classic as ever. The beauty will be in the simplicity. You can bring your own spit and sawdust to this one… if you must.

Thanks to @BristolTweats for paying us a visit and this timely Welsh Rabbit based quote from the weekend:

Rabbit Tweat



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  1. Hi Guys,

    Can you do something with this so I can share it on Facebook – or tell me how!


    Yellow Dog Wrokshops

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