Fermentation class dates confirmed for The City Farm Cafe St Werburghs.

Leona Sunflowers

We are delighted to announce that we will be teaming up with the legendary ‘Hobbit house’ cafe of St Werburghs City Farm.  A long established venue, loved by its local community and inaugural winner of The Observer Best Ethical Restaurant award. The City Farm Cafe, run by the talented Leona Williamson and adored by all of Bristol, has much in common with The Ethicurean and it will be a fitting venue for our new classes. These will take place on Wednesday the 4th or 18th of February at 7pm. We have certainly enjoyed teaching our eager students at the Walled Garden, all of whom have gone home equipped with the knowledge to ferment their own food at home.

Places are limited, however armed with the simple knowledge of this ancient art the culinary fermentation possibilities will be limitless to you. Book soon lovelies.

01934 863713

We founded The Ethicurean on the idea of ‘a sense of place’, taking inspiration from our native surroundings, the history, culture and community who grow food on it. We are fascinated by the culture of our local area and the wild pro-biotic cultures that live upon all of the produce we grow and eat. Our Wild Ferment master class provides an in-depth hands on opportunity to learn the processes we use in our restaurant kitchen. The techniques we use are ancient.

‘In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy’ – William Blake.

Class One: Understanding Fermented Foods. 7-9pm Wednesday 4th or 18th November. £50 per guest.

In this course, learn, explore, make and taste foods which have been preserved by the process of fermentation. Our head chef and cookery school tutor will explain why so many of our favourite foods are produced in this way and the key techniques to doing this at home. Come and discover how simple it is to make nutritious, pro biotic food for you and your family.

The class outlined-

– What is fermentation?

-Fermented vegetable slaw making tutorial.

-Brine fermentation.

-Making Kvass & pro biotic drinks.

-Kefir Milk demonstration.

Each master class attendee will take home their very own air-locked Le Parfait Jar (worth £15) containing a kilo of freshly fermenting vegetable slaw.


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