Celebrating Sail Shipped Cargo in Falmouth


Tres hombres boat

apocolypso bar


On Saturday 19th April, Jack from The Ethicurean crafted a fine array of cocktails at The Fish Factory  in Falmouth, to help launch the first UK Fair Transport of New Dawn Rum.

This inspired event was presented by the New Dawn Traders , who are reawakening the shipping of goods, with Tres Hombres, a trans-Atlantic, engine-less cargo vessel.

Magic seaweed have lots to say here.

Their mission is to encourage change with seafaring escapades, which explore a variety of creative collaborations in order to fly the flag for ‘Slow Food’, with the hope that one day, they will be able to trace the journey …’with the same itinerary as the ill fated triangular trade (of gold, slaves and luxuries) but positively reinvented in the era of the “global village”. A voyage with equal impetus coming from the south – where food, live music and art also operate in a spontaneous cultural, counter colonization.’

To all involved, we wish ‘fair winds and following seas’.

Tom Beldam documented the event with a film to follow, all eyes on our blog for more details.


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