Somerset Day of the Dead- Saturday 2nd November

Inspired by our Mexican partner in food crime Paûla Zarate (one-fourth of The Ethicurean) we have drawn together an evening of un-rivalled excellence. We shall lay on a Mexican feast (no burritos, they are not Mexican). We have written a cocktail list for the occasion and will be mulling a Mole spiced cider. Our world-famous Somerset Cabaret returns and The Barley Wood Mummers’ will be performing their newest play, ‘Albert and Anne’. We have teamed up, once again, with Jim and Leah Parkyn of Aardman fame who are building something dark and death-like.

 The Feast

Tacos al Pastor 

Lancashire Quesadillas. Vegetarian.


Pheasant Mole

Vegetable Mole. Vegetarian  


Pan de Muertos 

 We welcome you all to bring photos and messages for your loved ones and friends who have died. We will have bright altars (Ofrenda) to remember them and we will eat and drink to their memories.

As with all of our seasonal celebrations expect unpolished performances that communicate the messy business of life with a Somerset backdrop to rival the Minack Theatre…

Tickets are £40 for the feast, cabaret and play and doors open at 6pm.

Cabaret and Play tickets are £8 and doors open at 9pm.

Dress code inspiration:

The cabaret begins at 9.30pm prompt.

Tickets are on sale from Tuesday 15th October.

For more details call 01934 863 713.

The Ethicureans.

The Ethicureans.

The Barley Wood Mummers

The Barley Wood Mummers. Summer Solstice.


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