Good Tide.

Jack Adair Bevan’s Vermouth Competition

Published for the first time, our cook book will feature a unique British Vermouth recipe. A Victorian herbed, fortified wine that has many hooked for its use not only as a drink over ice, but as the base to a myriad of classic cocktails. Jack has decided to give away a 700ml bottle of this epic creation in the run up to December frivolities. Its worth hours and hours of time and to be in for a chance to win book and join us for dinner on Saturday 22nd December. Remember to quote ‘Wormwood’ with your booking. The competition will be live that evening and consist of three questions and a tie breaker! Gem up our friends!

Wassail 12 January 2013

The coming January Wassail is having the final details sewn up and toast and cider for the trees set aside. Details will go live next week. This year is set to be a corker with, food, ceremony and music. Ticket numbers are capped this year so we can offer a truly unique event including a meal & wassail ceremony cake in the ticket price. Live acts to be confirmed.

Festive Menu.

Our December fix price menu is available here. Great value for group bookings for lunch and dinner. We are providing popular again this year so grab the remaining few tables at the earliest opportunity. Should bookings number 30 or so guests we can offer exclusive use of our venue in the evening. Don’t delay to book for a truly atmospheric bash.

Cocktails at The Ethicurean

Apple Flip. Rich smooth and almost certainly an unjustly neglected libation.
Somerset cider brandy, Pomona, egg, syrup, nutmeg.

Double Sloe Gin and Tonic. Drunk on terraces across the Empire. Served in the finest china tea pot with a cup of ice to avoid disapproving stares.
Sloe gin, gin, Fever Tree tonic.

Autumn Sherbet. This is sweet, aromatic and completely brilliant.
Gin, raspberry and elderflower sorbet, elderflower syrup, our own raspberry and black pepper bitters.

Whisky Turin A twist on another man’s drink. Made for autumn, rich, strong and smoked.
Pedro Ximénez, bourbon, vermouth smoke.

– All the more reason to hang out at ‘the wall’.

Friday & Saturday Opening

We are now open every Friday and Saturday night for fine food, great cocktails, beer & mulled cider. Further warmth provided by our team and the log burner. We have been inundated with requests so tables will certainly be snapped up.

Goat Bacon & Cured Goat Leg.

‘All Things Goat’ was a recent event hosted at The National Gallery in London by James Whetlor from Cabrito & Bob Granleese from The Guardian Newspaper. Celebrating a revival in ethically sourced British goat meat a cause that we have supported with this excellent producer since it began. We were featured at The National Gallery as the creator of Goat Bacon. Our home cured Cabrito goat bacon was made into Goat BLT canapés and snaffled up by a fascinated audience.

Our cured goat leg has just come out of the curing room at Vince Castellanos Charcuterie. Vince has aided us develop this recipe to the style of a dry cured ham akin to Italian Violino di Capra. You won’t find a better producer so go and check out his wares pre festivities and stock up!

The cured leg with cumin, Douglas Fir & black pepper is blimmin’ tasty and features on the menu here now as:

Cured goat haunch, black cardamom carrot, liquorice pickled onion, toasted hazel, roasted cobnut oil, & par-cel.

Recipe development is relished by our kitchen team who are teaching all they know to our new apprentice from Bristol College.

Get booked in soon to sample our British wares. We are part of a national, grass roots, food revival. Support British, buy local and from small producers. We wish you all a great year end festivities and thank you for your continued support.


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