Gold Eggsellence Award 16.06.12

We have used free range eggs in every dish made since we began the Ethicurean three years ago and as home chefs decades before this. To this merit we have been awarded a Gold Eggsellence Award from the British Hen Welfare Trust for our commitment to this important animal welfare matter. We are fully supportive of the trust, a national charity that re-homes commercial laying hens, educates the public about how they can make a difference to hen welfare, and encourages support for the British egg industry. Its ultimate aim is to see consumers and food manufacturers buying only UK produced free range eggs, resulting in a strong British egg industry where all commercial laying hens enjoy a good quality life.

‘Huzzah’ we say as this policy falls in line with all our  ramblings and food views at The Ethicurean. Support local, British & seasonal produce where ever you can and we shall build a sustainable food future for all to be enjoyed.

Good Tide.

A very happy Ethicurean family.


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