British Goat Meat.

Good tide followers of the great British seasonal lunch.

At The Ethicurean we relish positive news. From where we stand we know that positive attracts positive despite being contrary to normal polar thinking. If you are sceptical of this theory just give your self one day of being outwardly positive. It soon comes back. Understanding this we are quick to spot when a project is attempting to beneficially address a problem in food culture.
In a forward thinking approach, Cabrito, chef James Whetlor and farmer Jack Jennings take male billy goats that are of no use to the goat milk dairy industry and rescue them all but briefly to be raised for meat for caring cooks and diners.
Only a week into having said billy on the menu we have been inundated with delighting feedback. Our favourite herb lovage marries this sweet tasting meat in meatballs, the pan seared loins perch on cumin lentils and Fridays slow cooked leg shouted of British at its best.
We have been fully booked for four days straight. Happy proof that positives attract.

We celebrate a wedding at Barley Wood on Saturday so are closed for one day. Book for the last three tables this Sunday instead.

Toodle pip.

The Ethicurean family.




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