A visit from ‘The Foodie Bugle’

During April of this year Silvanna de Soissons spent an afternoon with us here at The Ethicurean. Silvanna is an Italian cook and founder of the online magazine ‘The Foodie Bugle’. We admire her philosophy  as she tries to shop locally, sustainably, seasonally and ethically, supporting as many small producers and family firms as she can along the way. After her visit she published an excellent article all about us. Click on the banner to read all about her visit.

Here are some rather good photos from the day taken by Silvanna.

The Terrace view.

Todd Trethowans riding boots, Barley Wood Piccalilli and our hand-pressed apple juice.

Andy picking asparagus for service.

Barley Wood nettle, leek and Gorwydd Caerphilly soup.

24 hour poached Rhubarb fool with elderflower syrup, Sticky toffee apple cake and West country yogurt pannacota



One thought on “A visit from ‘The Foodie Bugle’

  1. I still dream about that lunch at The Ethicurean, that garden, those flowers….My husband, my daughter and I were all in agreement: you have a wonderful restaurant, in a fantastic location and your cooking is impeccable. Well done for working so hard and setting such a good example. We can’t wait to come back. All good wishes, Silvana de Soissons.

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